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Cats & Kittens Looking for a Home

  • The base adoption price for adult cats from HHS is $50 and $85 for kittens.  

  • Each animal adopted from the Huron Humane Society is up-to-date on basic vaccinations, comes with a bag of food, and a certificate for a free veterinary visit.

  • If the feline you fancy has been vaccinated for rabies, a $23 fee will be tacked on to the base adoption fee. 

  • Any unaltered animal adopted at the Huron Humane Society will come with a certificate to be spayed or neutered free of charge at either Sunrise Veterinary Clinic, Alpena Veterinary Clinic, or Switzer Veterinary Clinic. A $50 refundable fee is added to the base adoption fee, but after proof of altering surgery is produced, $50 fee is refunded via check.

  • Felines surgically altered while living at HHS will cost an extra $50 to cover the price of the procedure. 

Scroll down to fill out an adoption application if you're interested in a feline friend!

Click here for a cat adoption application!

Either download the application, print, fill out by hand, and mail to the address below.  OR - Download the application and "Save As" and add your name to the end of the file name, fill out the fields on your computer.  Then save and use the form to the right (above or below on phone) to attach (Add File) the file to send.  Email required.  Please send a message as well.


Or mail to -

ATTN: Manager

3510 Woodward Ave. 

Alpena MI, 49707

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