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Here are a couple of ways you can


1. A person will often remain in an abusive home because (s)he is afraid to leave pets behind. HHS is working to get a core group of volunteers who are willing to care for the pets of the fleeing victims of violence until they get settled into a new, safe home. 

Aside from keeping the pets safe, you'd be providing a great deal of relief and reassurance to the pet's family who is already worried about their personal situation--they can sleep easy knowing their beloved pets are safe with you. 

We need homes for both dogs and cats.


2. Occasionally, we have an animal that isn't quite ready to be adopted or maybe just hasn't found the perfect match. Maybe the dog or cat is too young or needs to learn some social skills in order to be a great family pet. Oftentimes a dog or cat just needs a break from shelter life for a few days. We offer a temporary foster option to community members who can share their home with a loving adorable adoptable on a week-by-week basis.


If you are interested, please call the shelter @ (989) 356-4794.

Are you interested in fostering a loving animal?

Will you foster us?

We make great cuddle buddies!!

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